Interface QueryExecutor

This interface abstracts away the details of how to compile a query into SQL and execute it. Instead of passing around all those details, SelectQueryBuilder and other classes that execute queries can just pass around and instance of QueryExecutor.




  • Executes a compiled query and runs the result through all plugins' transformResult method. Results are streamead instead of loaded at once.

    Type Parameters

    • R


    • compiledQuery: CompiledQuery<R>
    • chunkSize: number

      How many rows should be pulled from the database at once. Supported only by the postgres driver.

    • queryId: QueryId

    Returns AsyncIterableIterator<QueryResult<R>>

  • Given the query the user has built (expressed as an operation node tree) this method runs it through all plugins' transformQuery methods and returns the result.

    Type Parameters


    • node: T
    • queryId: QueryId

    Returns T

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