Class WheneableMergeQueryBuilder<DB, TT, ST, O>

Type Parameters

  • DB

  • TT extends keyof DB

  • ST extends keyof DB

  • O


  • WheneableMergeQueryBuilder




  • Simply calls the provided function passing this as the only argument. $call returns what the provided function returns.

    If you want to conditionally call a method on this, see the $if method.


    The next example uses a helper function log to log a query:

    function log<T extends Compilable>(qb: T): T {
    return qb


    Type Parameters

    • T


    Returns T

  • Call func(this) if condition is true.

    This method is especially handy with optional selects. Any returning or returningAll method calls add columns as optional fields to the output type when called inside the func callback. This is because we can't know if those selections were actually made before running the code.

    You can also call any other methods inside the callback.


    async function updatePerson(id: number, updates: UpdateablePerson, returnLastName: boolean) {
    return await db
    .where('id', '=', id)
    .returning(['id', 'first_name'])
    .$if(returnLastName, (qb) => qb.returning('last_name'))

    Any selections added inside the if callback will be added as optional fields to the output type since we can't know if the selections were actually made before running the code. In the example above the return type of the updatePerson function is:

    id: number
    first_name: string
    last_name?: string

    Type Parameters

    • O2


    Returns O2 extends MergeResult
        ? WheneableMergeQueryBuilder<DB, TT, ST, MergeResult>
        : O2 extends O & E
            ? WheneableMergeQueryBuilder<DB, TT, ST, O & Partial<E>>
            : WheneableMergeQueryBuilder<DB, TT, ST, Partial<O2>>

  • Executes the query and returns the first result or throws if the query returned no result.

    By default an instance of NoResultError is thrown, but you can provide a custom error class, or callback as the only argument to throw a different error.


    Returns Promise<SimplifyResult<O>>

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