Class InsertResult

The result of an insert query.

If the table has an auto incrementing primary key insertId will hold the generated id on dialects that support it. For example PostgreSQL doesn't return the id by default and insertId is undefined. On PostgreSQL you need to use returning or returningAll to get out the inserted id.

numInsertedOrUpdatedRows holds the number of (actually) inserted rows. On MySQL, updated rows are counted twice when using on duplicate key update.


const result = await db



  • InsertResult



insertId: undefined | bigint

The auto incrementing primary key of the inserted row.

This property can be undefined when the query contains an on conflict clause that makes the query succeed even when nothing gets inserted.

This property is always undefined on dialects like PostgreSQL that don't return the inserted id by default. On those dialects you need to use the returning method.

numInsertedOrUpdatedRows: undefined | bigint

Affected rows count.

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