Class DummyDriver

A driver that does absolutely nothing.

You can use this to create Kysely instances solely for building queries


This example creates a Kysely instance for building postgres queries:

const db = new Kysely<Database>({
dialect: {
createAdapter() {
return new PostgresAdapter()
createDriver() {
return new DummyDriver()
createIntrospector(db: Kysely<any>) {
return new PostgresIntrospector(db)
createQueryCompiler() {
return new PostgresQueryCompiler()

You can use it to build a query and compile it to SQL but trying to execute the query will throw an error.

const { sql } = db.selectFrom('person').selectAll().compile()
console.log(sql) // select * from "person"


  • DummyDriver




  • Initializes the driver.

    After calling this method the driver should be usable and acquireConnection etc. methods should be callable.

    Returns Promise<void>

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